Once Upon A Time, Scarlett Media started a YouTube Channel and a Website to give totally unsolicited opinions on Television, Movies, Gaming and whatever else we want. Every Thursday, we will publish new videos about who or what RUINED or SAVED our favorite and least favorite media.


TOP 10 Games That RUINED Their Franchise

In the last forty years or so, we’ve seen hundreds of video games come and go. The most memorable of those games can even give birth to entire franchises that span through multiple decades. You know, like the legendary plumber himself. Mario–I’m talking about…

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TOP 10 Ways CD Projekt Red RUINED Cyberpunk 2077

Get ready for Cyberpunk 2077. From the talented mind of Mike Pondsmith, the creator of a tabletop game from the 90’s that focuses on heavy themes like comodification of bodies, purposeful dehumanization, mass civil unrest and mega corporations taking advantage of mindless consumerism to…

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TOP 10 YouTubers Who SAVED Gaming

You know, playing video games is fun and all, but there is one problem: it’s so much work. You have to move your thumbs and sometimes even your fingers, and carpal tunnel is a real concern! Fortunately, there is no shortage of YouTube channels…

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