Aaron B. Scarlett

Aaron B. Scarlett is a seasoned leader, with over 5 years executive leadership experience & 15 years BPO experience, who passionately builds high performing and engaged teams, proven to produce results through innovation, data analytics, & technology. Strong and decisive customer experience leader, with an uncompromising focus on operational excellence, continuous improvement, client relationship management, and maximizing employee performance & engagement. Innovative, results-producing management career that demonstrates year-over-year improvements in bottom-line profits, revenue generation, customer experience & quality standards.

Head of Program Management, Global Service Quality
Canada | USA
2022 – Present

Aaron B. Scarlett
Director, Operational Excellence
2021 – 2022
Director, Customer Experience Global Solutions & Continuous Improvement
2019 – 2021
  • Development & implementation of quality and customer experience management processes, tools, data analytics, and revenue generating services for the Global Customer Experience organization.
  • Develop and launch global projects, including: Quality Accreditation Program, Reporting Automation, and global standards playbook.
  • Responsible for the key performance indicator (KPI) success of TELUS International’s largest client, through the support of the Global Customer Experience team located in: The Philippines, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, and Romania.
  • Support revenue growth and the TELUS International corporate sales team, through promotion of customized Customer Experience & Analytics solutions for new & existing clients.
  • Introduced industry leading reporting tools to improve and standardize global reporting allowing for increased efficiency & visibility, translating data to consumable and actionable insights.
  • Developed and launched a customer experience accreditation program to standardize the knowledge and skillsets of the Global customer experience team, while building future generation leaders. The program is being launched to over 600 team members worldwide.
  • Enhanced reporting and quality & customer experience procedures to quickly and safely adapt to global lockdowns enabling a productive work from home model and business continuity.
Director, Customer Experience & Coaching Excellence
2015 – 2019
  • Global support of Customer Experience, Quality Management and Coaching for: The Philippines, Bulgaria, Romania, El Salvador, Guatemala, India and China, for over 16,000 frontline agents, across over 40 clients, spanning a large spectrum of verticals.
  • Direct span of control included regional & global Sr. Managers, Managers, Trainers, Business & Reporting, Analysts and Operational Leadership Coaches.
  • Accountability to corporate financial success, through; Customer Experience, Quality, and other operational metrics by focusing on: reporting & analytics, remediation planning, leadership development & coaching, and internal & external business reviews.
  • Structured & managed an annual organizational budget of over 1M USD.
  • Earned a 93% employee engagement / satisfaction score across my 800+ Team Members in 2019, as measured by Aon Hewitt.
  • Day-to-day program management and tactile remediation of at-risk and penalty incurring programs has removed penalty exposure in all programs and net an overall regional quality service result of over 109%.
  • Achieved cost reductions of 9% on a 1M USD annual budget through ratio management, process efficiencies and organization restructuring.
  • Multiple team & personal awards of recognition for collaboration & innovation, program improvement, and reporting & process innovation since 2015.
Senior Manager, Customer Experience & Complaints
2014 – 2015
  • Directly managed a team of 14 analysts, continuous improvement managers and quality customer insight consultants while monitoring for top productivity and efficiency – Supporting 3 lines of business and over 1000 agents.
  • Gather, analyze and develop a variety of continuous improvement models focusing on removing process, system/technology and people constraints to improve customer experience and reduce complaints.
  • Collaborate with all levels of Telstra leadership to develop key operational and business improvement strategies.
  • Successfully integrate risk management validations to call listening exercises to protect customers and ensure privacy regulations are consistently met.
  • Maximize profitability through superior customer service, effective and prompt communication and follow-up on all pending matters with the customer.
  • Utilize superior communication skills to motivate staff and develop effective working relationships with peers, executives and clients.
  • Improved Net Promoter Scores (CSAT) by 4 points (10%) over 3 months through the customer experience team’s insights and actions.
  • Reduced Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman (TIO) complaints by 33% over a 3-month period through call analytics, internal process definition and leadership development.
  • Developed Customer Experience focused reporting providing greater visibility to coaching, training & continuous improvement opportunities that was adopted across all Telstra vendors.
Business Manager, Operations
2013 – 2014
  • Effectively managed 5 programs for the Ford Motor Company, including, inbound and outbound voice and email programs for Canada and the U.S. while supervising team leads, training and program specialists.
  • Productively handled all day-to-day operational metrics, client invoicing, budgets, reporting, rewards and recognition, process improvement, forecasting and performance management.
  • Grew the Ford account within the Philippines by 20% by launching three additional programs.
  • Generated a productivity improvement of over 210% by collaborating with Microsoft and HP to design and implement process improvements for the internal content management system (Microsoft Dynamics – CMS).
  • Developed and implemented key strategies for reducing attrition by over 40% from 2012 to 2013.
National Senior Manager, Employee & Customer Programs
2011 – 2012
  • Provided comprehensive support for over 10,000 employees in 16 call centers across Canada.
  • Developed and implemented innovative new career development and reward and recognition programs focused on sales, operational metrics, quality assurance, attendance and attrition.
  • Collaborated with executive level personnel in order to direct all aspects of budget management and reporting.
  • Significantly increased sales and quality results across all centers through a number of creative initiatives developed and implemented by the team.
  • Greatly reduced attrition and increased employee satisfaction through the creation and delivery of a new career development program to improve the leadership skills of existing and future management employees.
Vendor Performance Manager
2010 – 2011
  • Responsible for the management of the operational metrics, budgets, staffing and performance of multiple centers in the Philippines and Canada.
  • Partnered with Sykes Inc., to successfully launch 4 BCE Inc. programs, including voice and non-voice customer service, loyalty/retention and outbound sales call centers representing the first overseas outsourcing initiatives for Bell Mobility and SOLO mobile.
  • Directly oversaw the performance of over 300 agents and their team leads.
  • Successfully achieved over 110% to target average handle time, over 100% in quality assurance (client experience) and over 110% average in service levels.
  • Developed strategic agent quartile reporting adopted by multiple lines of business and other performance managers to analyze agent and team trending
National Coach Consultant
Team Manager
Customer Care, Quality & Training
Retail & Corporate Sales Consultant
2007 – 2010
2006 – 2007
2003 – 2006
2000 – 2003



As a Manager, Aaron is supportive and encouraging. Highly dedicated to employee growth and development, Aaron takes the time to guide/shape the skills of his team members into a career they can love. His colourful approach to problem resolution in combination with his diverse skill-sets and experience, makes him a great addition to any team.

Abigail Beharry, Communication Specialist

Aaron and I have worked together on multiple project while managing the Mobility-Solo queue at Bell Mobility. Out of all the colleagues I have had in the last 11 years at Bell, he is the strongest partner I could ever be paired with. Aaron is very organised, goal oriented and striving to get the job done right the first time. We have put together multiple projects and he was always there to listen, guide and share and do what was best for the business and the team. Very motivated and a great motivator, he knows how to convey the message in the right format to the right people. I have learnt a lot from him and appreciated working with him as it also made me grow as a person and employee.

Pierre Bérubé, Vendor Offshore and Outsourcing Management

Aaron is a well-organized and detail oriented Manager. He has the ability to develop professional working relationship with his direct reports, colleagues and superiors. He is very respectful of others and knows how to earn their respect in return. Aaron is always eager to learn and take on new challenges. He is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend Aaron to any organization.

Francine Drisdelle-Mercuri, Associate Director

I had the pleasure of managing Aaron during his employment at Close-Link Communications. Aaron has an extreme passion for sales. A true performer. Highly motivated loyal employee. I would highly recommend Aaron Scarlett.

Martin Dillon, Director Of Sales & Operations

Aaron has been instrumental and exceptional in delivering loyalty and retention offers to Solo Mobile clients through the Client Care channel. Aaron continuously takes ownership of his team’s performance and has leveraged his own skills and experience to improve save rates. His charismatic nature, analytical skills and positive outlook have helped shape a stronger and more efficient relationship between the Marketing and Operations team. It is a always a delight to work with him to convert challenges into opportunities for success.

Eklavya Sharma, Marketing Specialist