What An Amazing Week At Scarlett Media!

Our first official 7 days for Scarlett Media has been unbelievable! Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far! Subscribe here to join our journey. We have reached many multiple milestones like: If you have a YouTube channel and you like seeing visualizations…

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10 Movies that SAVED Halloween

Once upon a time, All Hallow’s Eve was a day of observance for Celts, pagans, and witches. Of course, people then turned it into a day of candy grabbing for hoards of children. Which is weirder? We’re not sure. What we do know, though,…

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Gangs of London in Review

Gangs of London

Let me briefly explain what gangs of London is all about. Is an interesting movie you need to watch. Gangs of London is a Pulse Films & Sister-based British action-drama show, which follows fighting between rivals and other criminal groups in today’s London. All…

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5 Ways Sookie Stackhouse RUINED True Blood

The highly watched HBO Vampire drama True blood was based on the 14 book series aptly named; the Stackhouse Series. Despite a strong beginning, True Blood seriously declined in quality and viewership over its 7 seasons. There is no denying the difficulty in consistently…

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5 Ways the Characters RUINED Netflix’s Altered Carbon

Set over 350 years in the future, Netflix’s Altered Carbon follows United Nations Special Forces operative-turned-revolutionary Takeshi Kovacs. Based on the Takeshi Kovacs book trilogy, Netflix’s small screen adaptation vastly departs from the show’s source material and proceeds to tip toe around its themes…

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Scarlett Media Is Live! Subscribe Now!

SM Mirror Logo

We are very excited to share that Scarlett Media is now officially live! Check out our Youtube channel to watch and Subscribe! To celebrate our launch, we are releasing 4 videos today and early next week we will be posting a special holiday video;…

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