10 Fake Presidents To SAVE The Real 2020 Election

The 2020 American Presidential election has not exactly been smooth sailing. Now imagine a world where there was a viable and inspiring third candidate that could unite Americans. As you can tell by my accent, I don’t exactly have a horse in this race but after watching all the news, we at Scarlett Media wanted to offer our list of 10 fake Presidents to save the real 2020. Don’t forget to vote for the like and subscribe buttons if you agree or vito the dislike button if you disagree and don’t mind being wrong.

Spoilers ahead.

Number ten, President Skroob, Spaceballs

Though the combination of his luggage; 1-2-3-4-5, may not be the most secure code for the American nuclear arsenault, President Skroob makes our list thanks to his devotion to the health and safety of his people… sort of. Not unlike where our world is headed, the people of Planet Spaceball had selfishly destroyed its environment and atmosphere leaving a shortage of breathable air. Though products like Perri-Air were available to the wealthy as an oxygen alternative, President Skroob committed his entire space force, led by his sidekick Dark Helmet, to acquire an atmosphere by any means necessary. President Skroob is often considered the bad guy in the Spaceballs universe and sure, his strategy was to steal the atmosphere from the inhabited planet Druidia, implying a full on Druish genocide, but at least Skroob had the health and best interests of HIS people at heart.

Number nine. President Marshall, Air Force One

Badass President James Marshall, from the 1997 film Air Force One, is something the world needs right now: a hero! President Marshal takes matters into his own hands and fights against the Korshunov led terrorists attempting to hijack Air Force One. Though Air Force One ended up crashing into the Caspian Sea, the popular, war veteran president was able to save all of the passengers, other than the terrorist mole, of course. The post crash celebration in the White House Situation Room and the scene where an Air Force pilot sacrificed himself to save the hijacked plane shows just how much President James Marshall inspired all those around him.

Number eight. Mark Cuban slash President Robbins, Sharknado 3: “Oh Hell No”

Since there is a precedence for reality TV show billionaires to become President, Mr. Cuban’s real life persona, business and leadership experience naturally puts him in the Presidential running, but combined with the experience of a gun wielding, shark exploding, champion of natural disasters President Mark Cuban would undeniably be one of the most diversely skilled leaders of all time.

Taking time away from fighting in the Shark Tank and the daily grind as a multi-billionaire, Cuban portrays the President in the third instalment of the surprisingly popular Sharknado franchise. Neither Mark, nor his character alone would be our candidate of choice, but a combination of the two could turn America around and would prepare the U-S-A for anything, and we mean ANYTHING.

Number seven. President Haney, My Fellow Americans

President William Haney was a bad President and generally a bad person. Directly receiving kickbacks, involved in money laundering, and major coverups, Haney lies and cheats his way through the film even trying to frame Russel Kramer in the process. So what could possibly make this fictitious president a good choice? Even with all of these flaws, at the end of the movie, President Haney knew that he was beat and resigned from the office. Though it was a selfish move to keep his name out of the mud, this President took the high road and moved aside. Of course, the fact that President Haney was played by Dan Aykroyd, a Canadian actor, also redeems the character in our books.

Number six. President Business, The Lego Movie

The Lego movie’s President Business is another quote-un-quote bad guy that makes our list, regardless of his dastardly deeds. True, he wanted to rule over the Lego worlds as a corporate dictator. Yes, he wanted to destroy all creativity by imprisoning the master builders. Sure, he literally wiped the good from good cop, bad cop’s face and yeah, he plotted to use the all-powerful Kragle to freeze the little yellow residents in place for eternity. 

(Feel Free To Improve This) Ok, wait. What are we trying to prove again? Right… Simply put, despite the evil and near genocide of the Lego population, President Business could totally save the American election using his creative policies like Taco Tuesday. On top of that, it was HIS company who produced mega hits like “Everything Is Awesome”, motivating an entire population through song. But ultimately, this President saw the error of his ways and did the right thing for his constituents. Oh yeah, and, he ACTUALLY ran a successful business.

Number five. President Allen, Commander in Chief

Though the ratings of the show Commander in Chief were underwhelming, there was still much to love about ground breaking fictional President Allen. Beginning the series as the first female Vice-President, who quickly becomes America’s first female president, Allen brought new perspectives and continuously fought for human rights and women’s rights. She valiantly led the country through a natural disaster and calmed the waters of international politics, all while navigating through internal political intrigue and scandal.

This warrior of good and change is a breath of fresh air that has not been seen in years. 

2020 American Presidential Election | Who Would We Elect?

Number four. Kevin Kline as Dave as President Mitchell, Dave

Kevin Kline was not a President, nor was his character Dave. But Kevin’s character’s character William Harrison was. With us? If not, let’s break it down. Kevin Kline played Dave who was a Presidential impersonator who was tapped by the secret service to fill in for the actual president who eventually had a stroke after which Dave stayed in the presidential role. Obviously.

Now that’s all clear… Dave would make for a brilliant Presidential candidate bringing a wide range of skills to the office. As Dave, he represents the thoughts of the average American opposed to the 1% and often demonstrates his care for people, their well-being, and fights for shelters and employment. As fake President Mitchell, he brings a well needed enthusiasm that rallies people behind him, reviving the waning popularity of the real President. On top of all of this, Dave experiences and eventually learns to navigate the challenging political landscape making him a true, all around candidate.

Number three. President Simpson, The Simpsons

Of all the candidates on this list, Lisa Simpson may not necessarily be the best, but she is the most likely to be elected. Yes, she is technically a child and yeah, she does not actually exist, but thanks to the millions of Youtube videos on the topic, we all know that the writers of the Simpsons have the unnatural power to predict the future. In the episode titled: “Bart to the Future”, the writers looked into their crystal ball and foresaw Donald Trump’s presidency which at the time seemed far-fetched. Well, here we are now, we have seen the awesome power of prophecy and can only draw one conclusion: Since Lisa Simpson was divined as Trump’s successor, her seat in the Oval Office is assured.

But then again, maybe America is not ready for it’s first yellow-skinned President.

Number two. Morgan Freeman, himself

The oscar winning Morgan Freeman cannot only calm wild beasts with his buttery voice, but since he has been in practically every movie ever made, it’s no surprise that he has played the Presidential character more than once. Thanks to the film Deep Impact, Mr. Freeman has experienced being a President during world ending events, which may be very useful if 2021 is anything like 2020. He has fought against espionage and terrorists as speaker of the house, vice president,and the President himself in the “Has Fallen” films. This combined plethora of experience is nothing in comparison to everything else he brings to the table. As a prisoner in Shawshank, he understands what needs to change in the criminal system. As a police officer, his vast experiences have given him the wisdom to reform this essential service. As a military man, in more films than we can count, he is more than qualified to be the Commander-in-Chief of the American Armed Services.

In truth, Morgan Freeman may be the most well rounded candidate in history. Over qualified even. After all, he has already been God. 

Before we get to our number one choice, elect the subscribe button and let us know who else you would have liked to see on this list. No need to mail it in, just write it in the comments below. 

Number one. President Whitmore, Independence Day

When the odds are against you. When no hope is left in sight. America. Nay! The WORLD needs a leader who can rally the troops and unite the population, to not go quietly into the night. (If you can emulate Bill Pullman’s tone from that speech for that line, it’d be cool)

No virus, uh, alien, stands a chance against those emboldened by a Bill Pullman epic monologue. Not only does this leader say the right words, as many politicians can, but he is not afraid to walk the walk and join the fight against a seemingly undefeatable foe. With a little help from his friends, President Whitmore saves the day, America and the planet with only a little PTSD in the sequel to show for it. I think we all need a little of that now. Hope, that is, not the PTSD.

There is one other fact that puts Whitmore over the line as our number candidate for President. Mr. Whitmore has a clear and obvious choice for running mate in the election; the greatest extra of all time. 

Did we forget any contenders? What fictional President would you like to see on the ballot? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for watching.

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Writer / Editor: AB Scarlett
Voice: Scott Tunnix
Video: Angel Gustanski

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