10 Australian Actors Who SAVED Hollywood Movies (SPECIAL EDITION)

G’day and Happy Australia Day, mates! Australia’s got a LOT to love – from beautiful beaches to  adorable kangaroos to righteous barbies – but did you know it’s also home to some of our  favorite actors and actresses? I;m Scott and today, Scarlett Media presents a trip down under to celebrate 10 of the best Aussie actors out there – actors so good, they may have saved movies altogether

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10. Hugh Jackman  

Long before Jackman was prisoner 24601 in Les Miserables, he was belting out tunes in Sydney,  Australia, where he starred in his high school’s production of My Fair Lady. A natural performer,  Jackman was born for a life of stardom. And hey – the actor is nothing if not versatile. I mean,  who would have thought when the kid was singing on his high school stage that one day he’d be better known as Wolverine, the totally ripped, veiny superhero he played over the course of  what – 17 years? We’re all grateful for the time we’ve spent watching Wolverine totally shred  in the X-Men movies – and it’s even more fun to watch his savage portrayals of the super beast  when you compare them to his clean-cut performance in The Greatest Showman. It’s not an  easy feat moving between musicals and superhero blockbusters, but if anyone can do it, it’s  Jackman.  

9. Isla Fisher  

This actress was actually born in Oman, but she moved to Perth, Australia at age 6 and  identifies with the laid back Aussie lifestyle. Fisher began her acting career as a child actress on  Australian television shows – so any Aussie viewers today might remember little Isla in Bay City and Paradise Beach. A hard worker and passionate creator, Fisher managed to publish two  novels by the time she turned 18 – which she wrote while pursuing her acting career and  attending school. Now, we know Isla as our favorite comedic red head, star of such swoony  classics as Definitely, Maybe and Wedding Crashers and late-night comedy smash hit Hot Rod.  Today, Fisher divides her time between London and Los Angeles with her husband Sacha Baron  Cohen – but she identifies as Australian through and through.  

8. Chris and Liam Hemsworth  

These Melbourne brothers burst into the Hollywood scene around 2011, when Chris  Hemsworth was cast as the lead role in Thor – a role that would put his name – or at least his  striking good looks – on the map. That same year, Liam landed the role in Nicholas Sparks  romance drama The Last Song, where he cried over Miley Cyrus for the very first time – in front 

of audiences worldwide. Little did we know then that was just the beginning of an off and on again relationship that would provide us with some of our favorite juicy drama for years to  come. These brothers rose to fame seemingly all at once in the same year as each other – a  truly impressive feat that their parents must have been so proud of. Their third brother, Luke,  on the other hand, is probably a little resentful. Poor Luke. Ah, mate, it’s okay, grab a coldie and  cool off – she’ll be alright.  

7. Eric Bana  

Another strapping Melbourne mate, Eric Bana has starred in some of our favorite classics – from Hulk to Star Trek to Finding Nemo. Now, I think it’s safe to say that Bana has the best  portrayal of Bruce Banner out there – we really feel for the big green guy when we watch  

Bana’s emotional performance. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some Mark Ruffalo, but I’d  choose Bana’s Hulk over Ruffalo’s any day of the week. Bana mostly made this list, though,  because of his amazing portrayal as the shark in Finding Nemo. You know, the one who’s all  “fish are friends not food.” Okay, wanna know something wild? That shark’s name is Bruce too!  I guess Bana just has a Bruce vibe, huh?  

6. Margot Robbie 

Okay, so this is a surprising one. Robbie’s American accent is so convincing, that most people  don’t realize she was actually born and raised in Australia! Robbie came into the spotlight with  her tantalizing performance in Wolf of Wall Street as Leonardo DiCaprio’s second wife. Robbie  first showed off her range when she transformed from the gorgeous socialite in Wall Street to  the crazed, volatile Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. And, by the way, I think it’s valid to argue  that Quinn saved the heck out of Suicide Squad as basically the only memorable performance in  the film – a performance that has become iconic and spawned inspiration for Harley Halloween  costumes across America. Still, it wasn’t until I, Tonya that Robbie truly proved just how superb  of an actress she really is. Her uninhibited performance is nothing short of triumphant – and I  mean, come ON, how does she pull off that small town American twang So. Dang. Well?! 

5. Toni Collette 

Sydney born Toni Collette is yet another example of an Australian actress who has totally  mastered the American accent. Is this taught in Australian schools or something? Do they have  textbooks titled “How to Trick Americans into Thinking You’re One of Them?” Because I’m  pretty sure after seeing Little Miss Sunshine, anyone would be shocked that Collette isn’t from  small town USA. Collette is absolutely brilliant as Sheryl in Little Miss Sunshine – the hard-faced,  tough love mom who turns out to have a whole lotta heart – enough to save the whole family  from crumbling. Collette is also known for her role as the mother of creepy AF Haley Joel “I See  Dead People” Osment in The Sixth Sense. And can I just say – Collette deserves mother of the  year award for the weirdo kids she has to deal with in all these movies.  

4. Nicole Kidman

Kidman was born in Hawaii but was raised in Sydney by her True Blue Australian Mom and Dad.  The actress actually got her breakthrough role at the age of 16 in the remake of Australian  Christmas classic, Bush Christmas which – sidenote – is probably the most Australian movie title  I could possibly imagine. Kidman continued to star in Australian movies and tv shows until 1990,  when she starred alongside then-husband Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder. Today Kidman is a  smash success – a mega star who has saved more movies than we can count – including such  hits as Stepford Wives, Moulin Rouge!, and I don’t know, ten million others? Kidman might be  one of the most famous faces to come from Down Under. It’s nice to think it all started with the  bush on Christmas.  

3. Heath Ledger  

Australia was also home to the world’s most beloved Joker, Heath Ledger. Ledger was born in  Perth – where he starred in his first ever acting role as Peter Pan in his elementary school play.  The rest, as they say, was history. From his heart pumping portrayal of brooding Patrick in 10  Things I Hate About You to his agonizing performances in The Dark Knight and Brokeback  Mountain, Ledger saved movies time and time and time again. Ledger was known for playing  pretty much any character he could get his hands on, and nailing his performance no matter  what. Ledger will go down in history as one of the most iconic, beloved, and versatile actors of  his generation.  

2. Geoffrey Rush 

One of the most talented actors of all time, Queensland native Geoffrey Rush is one of only 24  actors who has one the Triple Crown of Acting – an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony Award. Yeah,  this guy’s the real deal, friends. Rush was poignant, moving, and brilliant in such films as  Shakespeare in Love, The King’s Speech, and Shine – but I mean – he also played a pretty sweet pirate, am I right? I mean, sure, those other movies are important and classic and poetic and  whatever, but who doesn’t love bat crazy Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean? Safe to  say this guy can do it all. Thank you to Australia for raising him. 

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1. Cate Blanchett  

Okay, so clearly there’s something in Australia’s water, because how can one country produce  this many completely brilliant actors?! Blanchett hails from Ivanhoe, Victoria – and amazingly  enough, her first breakout role was actually in a stage play starring alongside our good friend  

Geoffrey Rush at the Sydney Theatre Company. It didn’t take long for Blanchett’s phenomenal  acting skills to take her through the ranks and onto the silver screen. By 2001, the already  acclaimed actress gained mainstream success as Galadriel in Lord of the Rings. Blanchett shines  in whatever role she takes on – whether in quirky comedies like Where’d You Go, Bernadette or  in devastatingly beautiful films like Elizabeth 1. Safe to say this Aussie gal has saved 100% of the 

movies she’s been in – and she’s starred in pretty much every genre of movie there is. So, on  this Australian Day, we reward Miss Blanchett with the number one spot on this list. Congrats,  mate!  What do you think of this list? Any other actors we should have mentioned? I mean, besides  Russell Crowe – who we totally, um, did not forget about at all…I mean, he was born in New  Zealand, so that doesn’t really count anyway right? But if there’s anyone else we didn’t  mention, tell us in the comments below! Thanks so much for watching! With that, all there’s  left to say is Happy Australia Day! Now, get to the barbie, you bogan!

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