2023-04-15T17:32:12.000Z | Facebook

Day 44 | On the road again. Its been a while and I feel like I’m going home in many ways. Today I start the journey to Manila and next week, India. Looking forward to a bit of a change of scenery but can’t help think that I’m leaving a lot of unfinished and unresolved things behind. I know I’ll be distracted with some important work while I am gone and I am confident I’ll have fun along the way. What’s important now is that I let myself enjoy what’s ahead of me, in the moments when they happen, opposed to obsessing about what is back in Canada. I’m still not good at that. Other than what I know is an important trip for work, I recognize that this is an opportunity for me to make the choice to be happy when the opportunity presents itself and not get stuck in my head about other things. Wish me luck. Though I’m not convinced luck is what I really need.
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