2023-04-20T16:29:15.000Z | Facebook

Day 49 | All the, small things. I was inspired today to try something new, however derivative of “The Book of Awesome” it may be. I’ve mentioned many times before that I need to work on my ability to enjoy moments for what they are and stop letting outside influences and random thoughts pull me away. Another thing I have learned is that, no matter how hard I try, I will never be successful trying to solve all my challenges with one big change. I need to take small steps and take my time if the change is going to stick. All this said; I am going to add something to my daily posts. Everyday I am going to try to include one SMALL joy that made me happy. Even if it was only for a second, I want to appreciate all the small things that come my way. Today is easy. Dinner with some important, dear friends. This absolutely made me smile and is worth remembering and immortalizing in today’s post. @sheilapao @jenniepiepipay @ilithyia5 @ayenmlcx
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