2023-04-25T17:23:05.000Z | Facebook

Day 54 | Learn from the past and move on. Though a simple concept, today brings another reminder to myself that will be a challenge, but a necessary one to overcome. In every life there are good times and bad times and experiences that’s fulfil you and those that leave you feeling empty. Ultimately, the hardest times are the ones you can learn the most from. Even when a situation feels like it has broken you beyond repair, there is a lesson to learn. Ultimately you have to make the decision to not let the pain win, to learn how to survive or avoid similar situations in the future and move past the moment. You cannot regret challenging times and can’t dwell on them. Take the lesson and move on. Daily joy: I had a very special moment today. Out of no where a massive storm hit India. Also out of no where, I had the overwhelming feeling of calm as the powerful storm reminded me of how big things can be and how small I am in comparison. Not sure why this made me smile but it absolutely did as a walked through the chaos.
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