2023-04-30T02:23:58.000Z | Facebook

Day 58 | Home & Finding Happiness. I heard an interesting sentiment that stuck in my mind. To paraphrase; true happiness does not come from achievement, rather happiness comes from enjoying what life offers you. I generally like the sentiment and it largely aligns with what I am trying to accomplish but I can’t help but see some flaws with this. First, not everything that comes your way is something you can enjoy if it goes against your personal values, hopes and goals. Secondly, if you are too distracted in life, you may miss what life is offering you. This reminds me of my recent post where I realize that I spend so much time focusing on work and the future that individual moments pass me by. So where does this leave me? I need to focus on small, incremental goals and cannot try to boil the ocean, looking for happiness in one grand accomplishment. I need to allow myself to let go of my thoughts and let moments happen organically. I also need to enjoy the good moments, and take myself out of the bad ones that get in my way. Finally, I need to create opportunities for moments to happen. If I hide behind my laptop forever, life will not have the chance to present my with opportunities for joy. Daily joy: Simple. The first hug from someone you care about after missing them for 2 weeks.
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