April 10, 2023 at 09:21PM | Instagram

Day 39 | Choose to be awesome! The character Barney from the show How I Met Your Mother did a lot of things I would not emulate. However, his philosophy about choosing to be awesome is worth looking at. Sad? Choose to be awesome. Feel worthless? Feel awesome. Sick? Stop being sick and be awesome instead! Thought the last one is a bit extreme, the same way I can choose to be happy, I can choose to be awesome. Being awesome is not easy, but it is simple. Take chances on new experiences, engage in the world around you and remember what an amazing person you are and let your confidence shine. Make the choice to be awesome, because you already are. For those who have read my past couple of posts, it should be pretty obvious that this post is me trying to shake my head and refocus on good things.