What episodes of South Park could not be made today (2020)

South Park is one TV series that is adored by many. The humorous nature of its episodes as well as the messages imbibed in them endears it to fans all over the world.  But truth is, there are quite a number of South Park episodes that wouldn’t be accepted in the year 2020. Trust us when we tell you this! They won’t be made at all.

Let’s go straight to business. The following episodes of the television series, South Park, would not be made now.

A Million Little Fibers (Season 10, Episode 5)

As far as unacceptable episodes go, this one would be rather high up the list. In fact, if this episode was made in the year 2020, I’m very sure  Matt Stone and Trey Parker would get stoned by Oprah fans. 

The episode talked about Towelie (A towel, in the literal sense) being tired of his life and deciding to be better. He gets one idea after another, whenever he gets high. Somewhere along the line, he writes a memoir which is shown on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Talk about a towel writing a memoir! 

Well, that wasn’t the height of it. Towelie has to apologize to Oprah for lying in his memoirs, but the weirdest thing happens. Oprah Winfrey’s Vagina and Anus start complaining of non-usage. In the end, her vagina and Anus ends up holding the TV host as well as some of her audience hostage. Yes! You just read all that. It happened!

Remember what I said earlier? This is the kind of episode that makes you want to stone the writers to death. Imagine such an episode airing now, in this year 2020. Who would want to turn on their TV only to see Oprah’s Vagina and her Anus holding a towel hostage? Definitely not me that’s for sure!

Stanley’s Cup (Season 10, Episode 14)

Now this episode, is what we call a heartbreaker! A complete spoof of virtually every sports movie you’ve ever seen. Stan Marsh is forced into coaching some peewee hockey team. On meeting his team, he finds out they aren’t good at all (no surprises there). There’s this kid with cancer, his life depends on the outcome of the hockey team’s result. In your typical sports movie, the team is supposed to go through some setback and then bounce back. Setback? Yeah. They did go through some setbacks. Did they bounce back? Oh! The writers decided to match a professional hockey team against the peewee hockey team, who had their arses handed to them. They lost miserably, ultimately killing the kid with cancer. If you make such a movie in this current time and age, you’re getting sued that’s for sure.

So there you have it, as you can see, the episodes discussed above will not be appreciated in the year, 2020. I’m sure that is why most of their recent episodes have been outstanding, someone must have told them to quit those nerve-wracking episodes.