2023-04-22T16:15:38.000Z | Facebook

Day 51 | There’s no place like home? I miss home right now but I used to think, and sometimes still do, that having somewhere to call home was needed for my mental well-being. A place that you keep your stuff, a place that you can feel safe and a place that is your own. I’m realizing now that the physical location I call home is not as important especially compared to finding peace in my own mind. First off, all that stuff is just stuff. It does not mean anything in the grand scheme of things. More importantly though is that you can have that safe place, one that is truly your own no matter where you are. I’ve travelled enough of the world that I should have seen this sooner. What sparked this was a long conversation with someone who is very important to me. I realized that connecting with someone made me feel more at peace than I have in quite a while. I felt home in my own thoughts. People, adventures and anything else that brings happiness can give you that sense of home and security without some building to keep your crap in. Truthfully, while travelling I miss “home” a lot but it’s a great feeling to not NEED it. Daily joy. Live music. Is there anything like a little live music, regardless how good it is, to put a smile on your face?
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