2023-04-23T21:35:10.000Z | Facebook

Day 52 | Travel day 2/4. Arrived in Hyderabad safe and sound. I did realize a significant problem I may have while I am here. On my keyto diet, I can usually get away with 10-15% carbs being included. The airplane food I had was a little over that. The vegetarian meal I had was closer to 100% carbs. Let’s just hope the hotel gym is good or maybe it’s time to try the 5 day fast I’ve been meaning to attempt. No. Who am I kidding. I love Indian food and won’t miss this opportunity. It not a huge deal but I am proud of myself for be conscious of the diet and not wanting to break the good habits I’ve formed. Joy of the day: Landing at an airport with a shuttle driver holding a sign with your name on it. Kind of feels special. I could not get a picture in time so I’ll just add something else India related.
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