2023-04-27T16:09:09.000Z | Facebook

Day 56 | Who Am I? Something I said in my last post stuck with me and I am having trouble shaking it. It’s true. I have always defined who I am based on my job title. My personal measure of success in life has almost exclusively been based on my career progression and how much money I make. My personality is based on this and I fill in the rest of the gaps with adapting to whomever I’m with. While reflecting on this I realize how insane this is. Sure, a career can be one measure of success but it should not define you as a person. I think this is why I feel empty and unfulfilled so often. I don’t have anything that makes me, me. I also believe that this may be why I hold on so tightly to the few people in my life that I feel I have a close relationship with. I live vicariously through them and define myself on the relationship, opposed to my own self. So what does this mean? I need to figure out who I am. I am not really sure how to accomplish this but I do know that it needs to be one of my top priorities moving forward. This journey I am on has really made for some difficult realizations but honestly, they are realizations that are long over due. Today’s joy: Maybe I am totally biased because of where I work. Getting stuck in traffic has given me the great fortune of having time to have some incredibly interesting conversations with some Uber and Grab drivers. I have heard some amazing life stories, some fascinating life philosophies and some insight into the world that helped make me see a whole new perspective. Truly inspiring.
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