2023-04-28T20:54:21.000Z | Facebook

Day 57 | Homeward bound. 23 hours of travel and a 3 hour car ride ahead of me but glad to be going home to the people I miss. I think this travel time will be a good opportunity to reflect on my posts from the last few days and the life situations I find myself in. The past two weeks away from home have been enlightening to say the least. Though I know that I don’t know who I truly am, I am really starting to figure out what makes me happy and what does not. I have very mixed feelings being in this headspace but I know that it all of these realizations are critical if I am going to move forward. Daily joy: Last night was my last night in a hotel bed. Got to say, hotels always have the nicest mattresses and bedding. Though I don’t sleep enough, I do get some of the best sleep while in a hotel bed.
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