2023-05-03T02:20:01.000Z | Facebook

Day 61 | Balance Can Be Bliss. As I continue along my journey and new and exciting things are on the horizon, I am starting to really narrow down where I need to focus my efforts. I understand now that I need to stop dealing with symptoms of my issues and start addressing the root causes. Most days, and in most ways, I sincerely feel better than I have in years. One key to success I have realized is to seek balance in life, which I have done in some places but struggle to achieve in others. I feel better about work, which I have accepted is a big part of who I am. I feel better about who I am, though I know I still need to better define who I am. When it comes to relationships and my social experiences, I still need to find more balance. I need to not rely on others so much and enjoy my own company, trust in myself to be my own best friend. Balancing all of these things is very challenging but feeling more self worth is making it easier every day. Daily joy: A fresh haircut. Somehow goes a long way to help with your confidence and self-worth.
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