2023-05-04T00:22:10.000Z | Facebook

Day 62 | Breaking Balance. In my ongoing search for balance in life, I am consistently learning about barriers that are getting in the way of realizing this aspirational goal. As I have said many times, though finding these barriers and challenges can be incredibly demotivating and they often make me feel like I am taking a step back for every two steps forward I make, I am finding them very valuable as root causes I need to address. I have identified the major categories in my life that need to balance and, as mentioned yesterday, I am generally feeling pretty good about my progress. In no particular order; work, self-care and relationships need to have this balance but what I am learning is being out of balance in one can dramatically impact the other leading to balance breaking. No matter how good I feel about one pillar of my life, when another is in turmoil, it can be a major distraction for the others causing balance to fall even farther out of sync. So the goal is this; find a way to find balance in all aspects of my life simultaneously but finding a way to do it where I am not overwhelmed by multiple, daunting focuses. Today’s joy: Snacks.
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