The Last Of Us II: 5 Quick Tips for survival

After the release of the The Last Of Us Part II, it seems the press globally is in agreement with calling it a masterpiece. 

Unlike Uncharted, The Last Of Us Part ii cannot be approached lightly, thinking a couple of gunshots can solve every situation. In this terrible version of Seattle, Ellie will have to continuously search for new supplies and ammunition if she wants to survive, and many players may not be ready for all of this.

Here are a 5 quick tips getting out of a collapsing world alive.

Take advantage of consumables/resources without fear.

During the first few hours of play, few resources will be available; it is advisable to think before using mines or explosives. Items like Molotov cockpit is sufficient in hitting a couple of enemies because this way, their ally will be alerted without the players’ position revealed.

And in Seattle of The Last of Us Part II, the ability to attack and then escape to reposition is crucial. If you really can’t find two adjacent enemies, try to lure them into your trap, throwing a bottle against a wall or detonating a mine under the feet of their ally.

Stay hidden as much as possible.

Stealth is an essential component in planning each fight’s start, regardless of whether opponents are infected. Gunshots are extremely loud and can reveal Ellie’s position in half a second, so keep your finger away from the trigger, at least until you are caught. 

In larger areas of the game, there are chances to escape from clashes and find other bushes to dive into to lose track and continue with the stealth attacks.

Save Ammo whenever possible.

In the dystopian world of The Last of Us Part II, there is very little ammo. This makes stealth phases extremely important, but it also dictates the need for some precision when finally deciding to pull the trigger. Some weapons allow you to craft bullets, while others will depend on your ability to sift through the levels (more on this below), in any case, try to hone your aim as much as possible and if you deem it necessary go to the options for change cursor sensitivity or increase aim assist accuracy. Hitting the head is extremely effective but also damn hard, it’s much easier to aim for the legs or to the torso and then finish the opponent with a close combat attack. If the enemies get too close, always remember to dodge with L1 before counterattacking; thus, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary damage during the campaign.

The knife is your best friend.

Ellie’s absolute advantage is her switchblade. Wherewith Joel, in the first chapter, you were forced to build knives from time to time ready to break at the first use on an unsuspecting enemy, our young protagonist can exploit her own at will without fear of it breaking: this proves particularly useful against Clickers. They can be caught in the back and eliminated in one go as long as they remain unaware of your presence. Remember this when planning a silent assault.

Customize your game however you like

The beauty of The Last of Us Part II also lies in the large number of options to customize your game. Accessibility was the keyword around which the developers concentrated, and the efforts paid off with a level of customization that has sixty options: from those specific to people with specific disabilities, for example visually impaired, to others designed to deepen the difficulty without limiting it to the choice of modality per say.