TOP 10 Monsters That Could Have RUINED Monster Hunter Games

Since 2004, Monster Hunter has been delighting fans all across the world. It’s a series that features action, strategy, and of course, awesome monsters that defy the imagination. 

Many of those monsters offer fun battles that require you to think on your feet and use items and gear to your advantage. And once you do finally defeat them, you’re rewarded with a deep feeling of satisfaction. 

Unfortunately, many other monsters seem to serve only to test your patience. They’re not fun, they’re often not well-designed, and encountering them feels less like an exhilarating battle and more like a chore. 

I’m Scott and today, Scarlett Media Presents the top ten monsters that almost ruined monster hunter games. So grab your best armor and weapons, and don’t forget to destroy the like and subscribe buttons–unlike fighting the monsters on this list, you’ll actually enjoy it!

Number 10: Bazelgeuse 

Ah, the simple joys of wandering around the open world and fighting monsters. That is, at least, until a screeching wyvern drops out of the sky to crash the party. 

Bazelgeuse goes by many names: bagel goose, beetle juice, annoying jerk–whatever you call him, it seems that his whole goal is to ruin your fight. To be fair, the Monster Hunter lore states that Bazelgeuse is actively drawn to the sounds of a battle, hoping to disrupt it and claim the kill for himself.

But that’s exactly what makes him so bothersome. To make matter worse, he scatters nearly-impossible-to-avoid explosive scales all around the battle area, making a tough battle far more difficult. And good luck avoiding him–he’s found throughout all of Monster Hunter: World’s major areas. 

If you’re planning on having a good time in the game, just make sure to carry some dung pods with you at all times. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d have to say.

Number 9: Congalala

The Monster Hunter series is known for its imaginative take on monster design. Many of those creatures are iconic simply for how awesome they look. Congalala, though, is not one of them. 

Essentially, he’s a pink gorilla with a hippo’s head, giant claws for hands, and a weird tuft of fur on his head. Appearance-wise, he’s not exactly pleasant to look at. 

But his design is nothing compared to his fighting style. He clumsily waddles around, haphazardly swiping at you with his claws and belly-flopping you into oblivion. And maybe because he’s mostly ape, half of his attacks are related to bodily functions–like passing explosive gas and flinging poo. The official Monster Hunter entry for Congalala states that they’re extremely intelligent. You could have fooled us!

Fighting Congalala isn’t difficult, per se, but it’s not fun either. The icing on the cake is that his items don’t even make fighting this abomination worth it. 

Maybe Congalala is Monster Hunter’s attempt at humor, but with a monster this annoying, it just ends up… well, flopping. 

Number 8: Khezu

To be honest, it was hard to choose which monster to place in eighth place: Khezu or Gigginox. They both look like slimy chickens with a worm for a head, they both attack by flopping around aimlessly, and ultimately, fighting either one of them is a chore. 

Khezu won its place on this list for two big reasons. It lets out a headache-inducing scream every couple of seconds, and there is no music to its encounter whatsoever. 

As always, the lore does give a reason for this. Khezu is blind, meaning he has to scream to echolocate. And since music only begins in Monster Hunter when a monster sees you, it makes sense that none would play. 

But that doesn’t help the fact that Khezu’s penchant for clinging to the ceiling and pinning you repeatedly make for a very long and boring fight. It’s a bad sign when, after defeating the monster, you feel more relieved that it’s over than accomplished for winning. 

Number 7: Shogun Ceanataur

Crabs play a pivotal role in many video games. From World of Warcraft to The Elder Scrolls to Sonic the Hedgehog, crabs are often used as a way to build up your experience without much risk. They’re boring and mostly annoying, but many games love to include them.

And with Shogun Ceanataur, it turns out that Monster Hunter is no exception. At first, fighting Shogun seems like a simple thing. Sure, its fast, scuttling movement is unsettling and its spin move is confusing for everyone. But once it gets angry, its already-large claws double in size, making its attacks difficult to avoid and even harder to fight back against.

They may not do much damage, but when you’re constantly getting hit, the battle just drags on and on. 

Shogun Ceanataur may look more interesting than a traditional crab monster, but as it turns out, it is not. 

Number 6: Lunastra

With most Monster Hunter monsters, even in the midst of a heated battle, there’s usually a sense of fairness and balance. The fight may not be easy, but at least it seems possible. 

This is not the case with Lunastra. From the beginning of the encounter, she unleashes a torrent of nearly ceaseless attacks, from close-range fire and tail swipes to long-range blue magic dust. But worst of all is her nova attack, which can get rid of you in a single hit. Even with other players helping in Monster Hunter: World, Lunastra never seems like a fair fight.  

If you’ve never thrown your controller at your screen in a fit of rage, then battling Lunastra might be just the thing to put you over the edge. 

Number 5: Gypceros

As far as monsters go, Gypceros is impressive. At least, on paper. He’s one of the largest and heaviest bird wyverns–but he really just comes across looking like an angry duck, and once the fight begins, you’ll lose all of your remaining appreciation for him. 

Gypceros has a very unique fighting style. He’ll spit at you, swing his tail at you, and then play dead. Just when you think the battle’s over, he springs back to life for another round of pecking and poisoning. 

And if you think that potions and antidotes will help you, just wait until he steals half the items right out of your inventory. You’ll certainly run into him at some point, but the longer you can go without fighting this monster, the better.

Number 4: Jyuratodus

Jyuratodus are Piscine Wyverns first introduced in Monster Hunter: World. I would count the fact that we managed to go 14 years without them in the series as a major blessing.

Fighting Jyuratodus isn’t exactly difficult. He’s basically an overgrown fish, after all. But what earns him a spot on this list is how positively tedious his encounters are. Living in the mud as he does, his method of defense is to harden his scales with said mud, making him very difficult to damage without a water-based weapon. 

But even when you do manage to knock the mud off of him, he almost immediately dives out of reach, only to re-emerge covered in–you guessed it–more mud. 

In a game as exciting as Monster Hunter, encounters with Jyuratodus just serve to grind your adventure to a lengthy halt.

Number 3: Lavasioth

Beating out his twin fish monster by just a single spot, Lavasioth is to lava what Jyuratodus is to mud. He behaves similarly, too–but instead of hardening himself with mud, he uses lava and rock, making the fight all the more long and painstaking. 

It certainly doesn’t help that he lives in melted rock, which means you can’t even approach him until the timing is just right. He’ll just nestle right into his pool of lava and shoot fireballs at you until he’s good and ready to come closer. 

The fight is long, boring, and repetitious. It’s no wonder that most players go great distances out of their way just to avoid running into him. Plus, as if to add insult to injury, he’s not even useful for items. Thanks for nothing, Lavasioth!

Number 2: Kushala Daora

When you first encounter Kushala Daora, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were about to get into a really cool battle. As a large, metallic elder dragon, he certainly looks the part. That is… until the fight actually begins. 

Kushala Daora is a dragon with a masterful command of the wind and air. Sounds pretty cool, right? But as it turns out, all that really means is that he can blow small tornados at you. Not just one or two, either. At times, there will be many whirlwinds flying around the battlefield, making it impossible for you to stand up. 

And if you’re a melee user, forget about it. Even ranged attacks are difficult, since he’s lightning fast and the only place you can safely hit him are small areas on his and tail. He’s not technically the most difficult dragon in the game, but given how frustrating it is to fight him, he’s certainly no fun.

Before we battle our way into the number one spot, be sure to hit the like button, and if we missed your least favorite monster in the series, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Number 1: Plesioth (Monster Hunter)

Oh, Plesioth. The bane of hunters everywhere for nearly two decades. This flightless fish monster with wings isn’t just annoying because of its inherent difficulty or its location. Instead, it seems like the developers of Monster Hunter gave Plesioth the unique ability to deal damage without ever touching you. 

In the first few Monster Hunter games, its notorious “hip check” somehow manages to hit you from miles away. It rarely left the water, making it extremely difficult to return damage, and even when you did finally get close, its patternless tailspins and belly slides made it impossible to anticipate where the attack was coming from. 

More recent games in the series managed to reduce his enormous hitbox, but as far as we’re concerned, he’s still the least-liked and most aggravating monster in the entire series. And as the third piscine wyvern on this list, I’m starting to get the feeling that there are just too many fish in the Monster Hunter sea. 

And with that, our list of the top ten monsters that almost ruined monster hunter games has come to an end. Do you agree with our list? What monsters would you have included? Let us know in the comments! And as always, thanks for watching. See you next time!

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