TOP 10 Youtubers Who SAVED The Cooking Show

Remember when we were kids, and our parents had the Food Network running all day? All we wanted was Cartoon Network, but instead, our Saturday morning soundtrack was Emeril Lagasse splashing hot oil and Martha Stewart beating eggs. We sulked into our cereal. 

Now that we’re older, we get it. Cooking shows are the best – whether you’re watching them to actually follow the recipes or just to see some cool food get cooked. The only problem is, today, no one has cable. But luckily, the death of cable did not mean the death of cooking shows! These YouTube channels stepped in to save our kitchens. I’m Scott and let’s raise our spatulas and click those “like” and “subscribe” buttons because today Scarlett Media Presents the top Ten YouTube channels that SAVED cooking shows!  

10. Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey might just be the biggest name in celebrity cooking – so I think we all shared a collective sigh of relief when he took his expertise – and foul mouth –  to YouTube. Now, this channel is a lot of fun because Ramsey can get kind of crazy (obviously). In one episode, he actually goes out and shoots a bore to eat for dinner. During the pandemic, though, this show has gotten a bit more, well, wholesome? One stand-out part of Ramsey’s cooking show is when he cooks with his kids. We already know that Ramsey is great with the little guys from Masterchef Junior, but there’s nothing like seeing the bloke with his own mini Ramseys. I mean, it’s shockingly adorable for a man who loves to accuse people of being “idiot sandwiches.”  

9. You Suck At Cooking 

Who doesn’t like to be reminded that they’re terrible at everything when they’re cooking? This irreverent, deadpan channel is the best cooking show for people who can’t even open packs of ramen, much less cook them. They cover all the basics – and pretty soon, you’ll be graduating from boxed mac and cheese to grilled cheese. Mmmm. Cheesy. You might not watch You Suck At Cooking to see masterpieces in the making, but you’ll learn a ton of easy recipes to keep in your back pocket. I mean, hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right? So, if you don’t know the difference between tongs and thongs, this channel’s gotchu. 

8. Pro Home Cooks

We all remember Max Greenfield from Brother’s Eat Greens – remember, that cooking channel where two brothers ate, uh, not really greens, but like, a surprising amount of meat? Well, Greenfield went out on his own with Pro Home Cooks which now has 2.3 million subscribers and almost 400 impressive cooking tutorials.  We love Pro Home Cooks because Greenfield is just, well, encouraging. He makes you feel like you can make anything, even if all your kitchen tools came from the dollar section at WalMart. And that’s in spite of the fact that the dude’s own kitchen is profesh as heck. If you haven’t watched yet, you’re gonna wanna check out Pro Home Cooks – even if it’s just to thirst at his sleek kitchen. 

7. Munchies

Ohhh, Munchies. How we love you so. Munchies is full of variety – not just in what they cook, which ranges from easy pandemic-friendly dishes to calzones and everything in between – but also with their hilarious cast and their fascinating informational episodes. I mean, you can watch Matty Matherson cuss like a sailor over his Thanksgiving dinner and then switch to an episode about vineyards in France. This show seriously has it all. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or the maestro of a microwave, check out this channel. 

6. Joshua Weissman 

Weissman’s channel is as fun as it is delectable. He loves to talk directly to the camera as if you’re, well, in the room – and honestly it’s so cheesy that it works! What makes this channel really unique, though, is that Weissman recreates some of our favorite fast food specialties – like delicious McDonald’s hash browns and Arby’s curly fries. Trust me when I say that once you’re making fast food at the house, you feel wayyyy less guilty about scarfing down all those calories. I mean, home-made automatically means healthy, right? Right? Regardless, if you’re craving In-N-Out but don’t live in California, go subscribe to Joshua Weissman. 

5. Adam Ragusea 

Ragusea’s really, really smart. I mean, he was an actual Professor of journalism before he ditched the text books for a camera and started a YouTube channel. I mean, once you know that this guy was an actual professor, his channel makes a lot of sense. Ragusea is super straight forward, direct, and to the point. He ain’t messin’ around. Except the messes he makes in the kitchen, of course. Still, Ragusea’s “get to the point” personality is exactly what draws viewers into his channel – this is one to watch if you actually want to learn something. His YouTube bio is, “I cook in my house and I show you how you can too (in your house, not mine).” And you know what? He can show you how you can, too. He really can. 

4. How to Cook That

Well, we all love Australia, so of course we love this cooking show, hosted by Australian Anna Reardon. How to Cook That is worth the watch for the insane recipes alone. I mean, Reardon’s Minecraft Cake Village might not be a piece of cake to make yourself, but it’s impressive as heck to watch her create it. And not only does How to Cook That feature pro-worthy concoctions, but it also gets historical with episodes like, “600-year-old Medieval Donut Recipe.” Most triumphant, aye?!  Reardon is also well-known for her Instagram Debunking videos – in which she, well, debunks those hard-to-believe Instagram cooking videos that saturate your feed every day. 

3. Tasty

We’ve all seen Buzzfeed’s Tasty – even if we’ve never made our way to their YouTube channel. There’s a reason that these videos are so popular! I swear, they’re more than just silly dorm-friendly cake-in-a-mug recipes, okay? I mean, Tasty gets seriously impressive – with recipes for elaborate VEGAN Thanksgiving dinners and 100-year-old tamales. Perhaps the best videos on Tasty, though, are the ones where they make GIANT food. I’m talking foot-sized sushi rolls and cheesecakes big enough for a toddler to take a nap in. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty fun to watch all that food get wasted.  

2. Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit is a one delightful food magazine, so we’re not surprised that they’re YouTube channel is equally delicious. This is the channel to watch if you really want some expert cooking advice. You can recreate their featured dishes at home, and with the help of the writers and chefs alike, you’ll be an expert chef in no time. Or at least you’ll know a little more about cooking than how to turn the oven on. This channel is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to improve their cooking skills – so, if that sounds like you, make sure you give them a watch. 

The number one channel that SAVED the cooking show is *chef’s kiss*, but before we get to it – go ahead and click those “like” and “subscribe” buttons. The best recipes are made with love, right? So, if you like this video so far, give us a little! 

1. Babish Culinary Universe  

There’s a reason that the Babish Culinary Universe, AKA Binging With Babish, has absolutely blown up. Rae started his channel to recreate dishes from his favorite shows and movies – like the Krabby Pattie from Spongebob and Troy’s Casserole from Community. And he still does make those recipes – but his channel has expanded to include basic dishes, scrumptious desserts, and healthy meals. The production value is over the top good, Rae is hilarious and enthusiastic and just, well, fun to watch, and the recipes themselves are so creative, that you’ll never see the same thing twice. Plus, Rae’s actually a good teacher, too, so you just might find that you’re making Krabby Patties at the next family dinner night. So, let’s raise our glasses to Babish Culinary Universe, for snagging the number one spot on our list! 

Any channels we forgot to take out of the oven? Let us know in the comments! Thanks so much for watching and happy cooking!  

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Editor: AB Scarlett
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