April 8 2023 | Instagram

Day 37 | You will fail. I am really trying to be optimistic along this journey but some days are much harder than others. I don’t know a worse feeling than that of failure. There are two types of failure I have come across. The first is failing to even try. This is absolutely a failure and feels awful. It’s a failure to improve yourself, experience new things and actually live life. What feels much worse however, is to try something and fail. When you fail after putting in an honest effort, it can demotivate you from making any attempts in the future. I’ve known this feeling far to well the past couple of days. I made a true attempt to change something, but I failed. I followed my own advice but could not live up to it. I tried to take myself out of a negative situation but could not let the negative feelings go. The good news is; I did not fail nearly as badly as I have before is similar situations and I did not hurt anyone but myself in the process. I guess that means there is some progress and I am still hyper motivated to succeed. It still feels like a punch to the stomach though.