April 7 2023 | Instagram

Day 36 | Save the drama for your mama! It’s a dumb opening but I could not help myself. I define drama, for the sake of this post, as overly outward reactions or actions to external or internal situations and feelings that negatively impact your happiness and the happiness of those around you. It’s so easy to get pulled into other people’s drama or manufacture your own when I’m a difficult moment, but when this happens, before you react, you have to determine if the situation is a legitimate issue or if it is just a moment of weakness that only feels important at the time. It’s critically important to address any real issues and sincere feelings you have so they don’t indefinitely weigh on you, however, you cannot let other people’s drama or manufactured internal drama control your life. This is not easy for me nor for most people I believe but it can be controlled most of the time. In these moments, take a beat to mentally step outside the situation and reflect. If the drama is real, take the time to calm your mind and address the root cause. If the drama is manufactured or not your own, be selfish and walk away from the situation to protect yourself. It is harder than it sounds since emotions do not have a light switch to turn on and off but with time and practice, it’s more than possible. Someday I feel I’ll be able to do this consistently. Here are some pictures of drama that I like! There may be some duplicates from other posts but that’s ok because they make me happy!